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What are the 3 biggest living expenses for households?

| Cash Flow and Budgeting Strategies, Financial advice | No Comments

We check out the three largest contributors to household spending in Australia and where people would source additional cash if living expenses rose. If you worked a full-time job in…

Superannuation – know your rights

| Financial advice, Superannuation | No Comments

There’s a staggering amount of superannuation that may never find its way to the people who should be spending it in their retirement years.  According to ATO figures, there’s approximately…

What to look for on your super statement

| Financial advice, Superannuation | No Comments

When your super statement arrives it’s important to take a proper look because it could become one of the biggest assets you’ll ever have. Here’s our quick guide to what…

8 money tips for when your child lands their first full-time job

| Financial advice | No Comments

Your child may not have listened to anything you’ve said over the past umpteen years, however, now they’ve landed their first full-time job, there’s a possibility that could change. Here…

Don’t just invest for your children, invest with them

| Financial advice | No Comments

Investing with your child can help them build a nest egg and improve their financial literacy. Gifting your child with a nest egg of investments is a wonderful idea, and…

Borrowing money: When and how to do it right

| Financial advice | No Comments

Recent reports and statistics show we’re no strangers to debt in Australia.  According to OECD data from 2015, Australia is 4th in the world – behind Denmark, the Netherlands and…

When to start talking money with kids

| Financial advice | No Comments

Aussies may have a natural reserve when it comes to talking money.  But as parents, teaching our kids to be financially aware and responsible takes more than a few quick…

Don’t make these money mistakes you make in your 20’s

| Financial advice | No Comments

Which of these rookie errors sound all too familiar when it comes to you and your mates? In your 20’s, you might be saving for a plane ticket to go…

Minimal vs FOMO: what are young people really up to with their money?

| Cash Flow and Budgeting Strategies, Financial advice | No Comments

The spending habits of our younger generation show that experiences mean more to them than buying stuff.  So are they better at managing money than their Boomer or Gen X…

More than one-fifth of Australians in their mid-20s still live at home with parents

| Financial advice | No Comments

Money is the most common reason for staying at home. Twenty-five year old Nivea Lally makes a two-hour, 43 kilometre commute from Sydney’s Kellyville to Pyrmont every day.  It’s the price…

How will you use your tax refund in 2018?

| Financial advice | No Comments

If you’re one of a number of Aussies receiving a tax refund this year, it means you’ve overpaid in taxes throughout the financial year.  However, the cash back at tax…

Australians are boosting their income through the sharing economy

| Wealth Creation and Accumulation | No Comments

One in 10 Australians are supplementing their income through the sharing economy. Erika Munoz and Lucerito Farrell from Sydney’s Rozelle are among the millions of Australians turning to the sharing…

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