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What is a Power of Attorney

What is a Power of Attorney?

| Estate Planning | No Comments

Just as having a Will ensures assets are managed properly when you die, a Power of Attorney allows someone else to look after your finances when you’re unable to. What…


Some ways to use your tax refund for a stronger financial future

| General advice | No Comments

Whether you breeze through tax time or dread the extra admin, receiving a tax refund makes the effort worthwhile. For many of us, getting a financial boost will be even…

Who'll inherit your heirlooms

Who’ll inherit your family heirlooms, if not your kids?

| Estate Planning | No Comments

If you’re a baby boomer, you may be considering passing down some of your treasured possessions to your children or grandchildren—especially if downsizing your home is on the horizon.  If…

HomeBuilder grant

Are you eligible for the HomeBuilder grant?

| General advice | No Comments

Available for a limited time, the HomeBuilder grant offers eligible owner-occupiers, including first-home buyers, a potential tax-free $25,000 boost to help fund the cost of building a new home or…

What is estate planning

What is estate planning?

| Estate Planning, Financial advice | No Comments

If you’ve got people in your life who you love and want to take care of, it’s wise to build an estate plan. This plan, which you can put together…

Can money buy happiness

Can money buy happiness?

| Financial advice | No Comments

Is money the key to happiness? Numerous research reports and studies agree having more money can lead to improved wellbeing, but only up to a point. It seems that once…

Super withdrawal

Should I take my super as a lump sum or not?

| Financial advice, Superannuation | No Comments

You’ve spent your working life accumulating super. So when the time comes, are you better off taking a lump sum, regular income or both? Let’s weigh up the alternatives so…


Are you eligible for school subsidies?

| Financial advice | No Comments

With 2020 now well and truly in motion, many parents and carers are probably looking at how they’ll cover school fees for the year ahead, not to mention other costs,…


Investing on behalf of your children

| Financial advice, Investments | No Comments

Investing on behalf of your children can help give them a financial leg up and introduce them to good financial practice at an early age. Here are some considerations to…


Is $1 million enough to retire on?

| Financial advice, Preparing For Retirement, Retirement | No Comments

Everyone who’s approaching retirement wants to know how much money they need to save – how much is enough to leave work confidently and then live comfortably? Lately, we’ve been…


How to review your SMSF investment strategy

| Investments, Self-Managed Superannuation Funds | No Comments

Super law sets out some requirements that trustees of regulated super funds need to consider when formulating an investment strategy. These requirements include (but not limited to) the composition of…


Will I pay Capital gains Tax on my Inheritance?

| Financial advice | No Comments

In Australia, special capital gains tax rules apply when dealing with assets of a deceased estate. The most common types of assets inherited by a beneficiary that could be subject…

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