Cash Flow and Budgeting Toowoomba

Cash Flow and Budgeting Strategies

Cash flow is simply the balance of your revenue coming in versus your expenses going out. If you have money left over each month you have a cash surplus, if you spend more money than you get in then you have a cash deficit.

Budgeting is an excellent way to ensure you are effectively managing your cash flow and involves determining your money priorities to find this balance. By looking at all the money you receive over a period (including salaries, government benefits, money from investment etc) and all of your expenses (such as rent, bills, loans and other living expenses) you can set aside funds to ensure all the necessities are paid and have a clear idea of what is left over that you may wish to invest or spend on luxuries.

It is important that your budget is accurate and realistic, and remember to update it with any major changes to income or expenses.

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